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Readers Comments (3)

  1. The meeting in Harwinton was much better than the meeting in Thomaston last week. I’m not sure if they weren’t prepared the first time around, or they didn’t have the ambition to promote the details such as why cost wasn’t factored into the scoring metric, or that the project cost of the greenway trail on the east side of the river was listed as high and the cost of the routes (south of the bridge) were listed as low… I felt like at the first meeting the presenter wasn’t being as forthcoming as he could have been.

  2. Please inform the membership that the decision as to which trail route will be chosen through the Thomaston Dam will ultimately be up to the US Army Corps NOT the NVCOG. After the majority of people left the Thomaston meeting I had the opportunity to ask the Director of the US Army Corps Steven Patchkofsky what recommendations does the Army Corps support and he responded that they want to use the east side of the river BUT without the approval of the residents of Harwinton acquiring access to the 8 public properties located on the east side of the river that option becomes impossible…We MUST attend the Harwinton meeting to inform the public of this situation and convince the Harwinton residents to endorse this option however more costly it may be as a result. There was NO mention of these facts at the Thomaston meeting when the majority of people were present nor was it mentioned in the newspaper articles.


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