NVCOG Releases Draft Greenway Feasibility Report

Thomaston Dam Riders:

The time has come for us to let our voices be heard again.  NVCOG has released the draft report for the greenway.  Unfortunately, the route recommended in the report is the one that we all don’t want and spoke out against.  The recommended route proposes to share the paved portion of Old Route 8 from the northern end of the pavement to the parking lot.  NVCOG’s own documents admit that the overwhelming majority of public comment was in opposition to the greenway coming through the Dam but these voices have not yet been heard.

It’s not over yet!  The report is in draft form and is not yet final.  There is a public comment period going on now and we need you to voice your concerns.

  • Ask that the recommended route for the greenway avoid using any part of the trailbike area.
  • Be polite.
  • Be concise.
  • Talk about what the Dam means to you and your family.
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Tony Gasper, NETRA President and Pathfinders representative, attended several meetings when the draft was being prepared.  At each meeting, he stated that the official stance was that no changes should be made to the riding area.  When the engineers asked for commentary about what sharing the area would look like, he offered suggestions but repeated that NETRA’s official position is that no changes should be made.

Is there any good news?

  • We think that NVCOG was honest in reporting the level of opposition and did not attempt to hide this in the report. 
  • NVCOG took the extra time to visit the site with representatives from the Pathfinders to better understand how the area is used.  This helped the recommended route completely avoid the trails north of the paved Old Route 8.
  • The report states that the Army Corps does not support anything that infringes on riding.

Please be sure to leave your public comments. The comment period ends March 13, 2020.

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Thank you for your participation.

The WRTD Guys

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Readers Comments (8)

  1. Russell MacIntyre February 14, 2020 @ 1:05 pm

    There are no other places in CT for people to ride their trail motorcycles. There has been a relationship with Army Corp for decades. I first rode the Dam back in the mid 1980’s. Please respect this partnership that has been ongoing between the Army Corps and the trail riders in CT. Please use the alternate route that doesn’t take this unique resource away from legitimate user group.

  2. Please do not take away or reduce our only legal dirt bike riding area in CT. ! I am fifty five years old and have been riding at the dam a large part of my life both through NETRA events and individually. This riding area provides parents and clubs an area to teach children and adults how and where to ride responsibly and legally. NETRA and its associated clubs have continued to be staunch advocates of this for years. There are many riders and their families throughout the entire state who cherish the ability to ride legally in a already very restricted state. Please keep our riding area open so future generations can continue to enjoy this outstanding family sport and hobby. I live in Northeast CT and gladly travel the distance to ride legally. I also make sure I support local businesses while in the area.
    Respectfully submitted, a older rider who is thankful for what riding dirt bikes has given me and my family throughout my life.

  3. Please do not infringe upon the only legal Dirt bike riding area in CT. I recently got back into dirt riding and I am at the dam one to two times a week riding from May til October. The dirt bike riding community is a great group of people, many of which volunteer their blood sweat and tears to keep the trails clean and maintained.
    I wonder if the joggers and walkers would love the area enough to hold organized group maintenance and clean up outings? If so then take the East side, it has paved roads that run north and south as well and it is not a dirt bike riding area.

  4. As others have said, Thomaston Dam is only one of two legal riding areas in CT, for off-road motorcycles. There are several other areas to hike and ride bicycles. Our children deserve a place where they can legally enjoy the sort of dirtbiking, and we, as parents, deserve a place where we can teach them and ride with them, legally. Please consider this when making any decisions regarding the dam. Thanks

  5. I expect nothing less from either elected or appointed public “servents.” Introducing hikers and other non-riders into the Dam is a disaster waiting to happen, and completely ignores common sense. My only thought is that NVCOG figures that once they have a toe in the door in won’t be long before they close the dam to motorcycles entirely.

    • If it has an engine and makes noise and smoke, they’ll ban it..even e bikes they’ll find a reason to ban them.

  6. Even though I haven’t ridden the dam in years, I have recently gotten back into off road riding and am planning to utilize the dam. It is one of TWO legal riding areas in the state of Connecticut. Please consider this in your decision. There are many places to ride bicycles and walk in Litchfield county, let alone the entire state. Please save the Dam!

  7. Like me there are a few who also ride road bikes and mountain bikes…..there are plenty of parks, roads and routes that can be used for bicycle recreation.Thomaston is the only place with easy access to use our motocycles legally .please DO not split it.

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