Feb. 28th Meeting Preparation

LET’S GET READY for the meeting at 5:30 on 2/28
Center School, 1 Thomas Avenue, Thomaston CT

Most Importantly:

  • There are currently many possible routes for the greenway. We want the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (the group conducting the study) to pick a route that avoids the trail area.
  • Be polite, respectful, and calm. Making a scene will not help our cause.

Also Important:

  • This is not the fault of the Army Corps of Engineers. There’s no reason to be mad at them.
  • This is not the fault of the State of Connecticut.
  • Emphasize that T.D. is the ONLY legal riding available to non-street-registered dirt bikes. Industry estimates say that there are approximately 26,000 dirtbikes in CT.
  • Emphasize that when you come to Thomaston you also spend money on gas, drinks, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. If the trails go away, then this revenue would be lost for Thomaston.

Some people say “I’m not a good public speaker.” YOU CAN DO IT! Write down the following on a note card if you need to. The more people that speak, the better:

  • “Good afternoon, my name is _____”
  • “I’m an active user of the Thomaston Dam trails. My family, friends, and I visit Thomaston ____ times every year for the purpose of using the trail area.”
  • “I’m very strongly opposed to any route for the greenway that interrupts the trail system at Thomaston Dam. Thank you.”

The public stereotype of dirtbikers is already not good. Let’s not help them think that we are second-class citizens.

WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER but we need to let NVCOG see that we are a large and well-organized group!


Public Input on NRG Trail Route

Aaron Budris
Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. My family rides at the Dam between 8-12 times every year. We also hike on the trails to enjoy the landscape and wildlife. The riding community is always very helpful, friendly and courteous to others. The partnership with the Army Corp of Engineers @ Thomaston is exemplary. We have attended several work parties to make sure the trails remain clean and safe for everyone using them. There MUST be a solution to maintain the riding area for years to come.

  2. I heard that the motorcycle trails at Thomaston dam may be potentially closed to dirt bikes.

    This saddens me. My dad and brothers taught me to ride there and we’ve been going ever since.

    I am 22 now and still enjoy riding at the Thomaston Dam during summer.

    Thomaston Dam is the only place I can ride in Connecticut and I really hope it remains unchanged.

    Please don’t take the Dam riding away.

  3. Jeffery R. Engborg February 15, 2019 @ 8:58 am

    Access and motorcycle use of Thomaston Dam has been a tremendous joy for me and my kids.

    Last summer, I was blessed at least once a week by a visit to the dam with my kids or alone.

    We always visit local food and gas stations before and after riding.

    This season was extraordinary in that I was able to visit the dam as a family.

    My wife was able to enjoy the beautiful views with my special needs son while I rode with my daughter.

    The Thomaston Dam is the only legal riding area in Connecticut. The trails are well maintained by the Pathfinders who I have great appreciation for.

    I would be deeply disappointed if the access to riding trails at the dam was reduced or eliminated.

    There just are no other places to ride. I truly hope that a solution can happen that provides unchanged riding access.

    The motorcycle trails are open from May to October. That is a short season.


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